F11 after auto update locks on boot-up

Vincent Onelli vonelli at optonline.net
Sun Jul 26 05:10:36 UTC 2009

I accept the automatic update of F11, after the installation was completed I rebooted and noted that nothing was changed, so I reboot again this time I press down arrow to select the boot, and I noted that there was an additional line added for f11 so I selected it, the boot start few line scrolled across the screen then a short message appears "find storage device" after few seconds another message came up, "exception occurred. This is most likely a bug" giving me 3 choice: Debug, Save detail to file, Exit Installer. I try to save but could not connect to internet, and could not save to disk ether.  It appears that was a large file to be save.
Since f11 don't seam to be ready yet how can I remove those reclaim the space back?
I appreciate the help thank you. Vinny 
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