What the hell are these dirs?

g geleem at bellsouth.net
Sun Jul 26 02:22:18 UTC 2009

Fernando Cassia wrote:

> Sorry, I might be missing something, but what is wrong with cd'ing to
> /home/ranbir/.cache/gnome-player
> and doing rm-rf plugin
> and then re-creating it (mkdir plugin)?

well, now that you mention it, nothing wrong with that. as long as he
does not still get a 'too man files' error.

i was just following with op's entering plugin directory to do find/rm.

i believe the main thing he needs to do is clean them up on a regular

i believe biggest part of problem is that gnome-player does not clean
up files, as it is acting like ms explorer creating cache files.

not using gnome-player, much less gnome, i also wonder why the directories
and files are being created. sounds like gnome-player is creating something
so that it can play various files.

> do it but in NT OSs you can just RMDIR /s/q {dirname} and it's
> blazingly fast, whereas in os/2 the deltree command insisted on

what is even more interesting is fact that in mtools, you have 'mdeltree'
to recursively delete a directory. :)


peace out.



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