Firefox 3.5.1 broke my flash 3.5 worked fine

Amadeus W.M. amadeus84 at
Sun Jul 26 04:02:19 UTC 2009

On Sat, 25 Jul 2009 15:48:48 -0400, Randall J. Berry wrote:

> Is anyone else having problems with flash locking up after updating
> firefox to 3.5.1? I've noticed it on several flash pages that sound
> locks up or it completely locks the video. Things such as youtube have
> miraculously become unwatchable. There is also an issue with the CPU
> working it's ass off and rasing core temps for nothing while viewing
> flash pages. All of this happened when I updated I did not have this
> problem with firefox 3.5

Same exact problem. I wasn't sure it was the latest firefox or pulseaudio, 
so I watched some video offline with mplayer, ffplay and vlc and they all 
had troubles, apparently due to pulseaudio. I did a yum remove pulseaudio 
and now everything seems fine, both in firefox and offline. Incidentally, 
after uninstalling pulseaudio I did 

rpm -qa | grep -i pulseaudio

so I still have some leftovers around. I tried then

yum remove pulseaudio*

but then it wanted to uninstall what looked like half of my system, 
including of course the multimedia packages (mplayer, vlc, totem) but 
also  packages like java-openjdk, or system-config-printer, system-config-
keyboard, etc. which, for the life of me, I don't understand what they can 
possibly have to do with pulseaudio. There has to be a better way to 
package these things. 

Long story short, I uninstalled pulseaudio alone, but had to keep 
pulseaudio-libs and pulseaudio-utils for dependency reasons. Again, things 
sound better now.

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