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Re: [Slightly OT] Re: Ranter or evangelist?

RAhul Sandaram wrote:

> On 07/25/2009 09:53 AM, gilpel altern org wrote:
>> Jul 23 15:45:05 Updated: brasero-libs-2.26.3-1.fc11.x86_64
>> Maybe the 32 bit version that you use always worked, I have no idea. I
inquired about this too and had no answer.
>> I can't discuss the matter further NOW. Sorry.
> Since you are unwilling to discuss the matter further,

It's not that I'm unwilling, it's that it's impossible. I checked and
there's also been an upgrade to Totem 2 days ago. It's hard to say now how
it worked as provided at first. Also, I now have other software to replace
Brasero and Totem and I'd rather not reinstall them and then having each
one trying to play teh default.

(I believe I have such a problem now with Klipper. I tried to install
clipman but even after removing Klipper and making a search with "ps ax",
when I try to install clipman, I'm told there's a clipboard application

I don't remember anybody being able to read WMV at


with Totem. Mplayer, yes. Kaffeine, yes. Xine, probably. Totem? Never.

> I suggest you file
> bug reports when there are problems.

> http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/How_to_file_a_bug_report

What is your success with filing bug reports? Whereas I was sometimes
corresponding with freeware developers in the Windows world with good
results, I never had any success convincing the bugzilla interface.

The "New File" entering clipboard bug might be minor, it has been going on
for years in GNOME. Do you really believe developers need to be advised
through bugzilla that there's a bug?

If bugzilla had any effect don't you think that users would stop doing the
"let's see if this other application works" dance all the time? My feeling
is bugzilla works only for kernel developers.

What's your experience with bugzillas, other than for the kernel?

I believe the only drive developers get to fix applications is when they
see users are fed up with theirs.

> The claims that it doesn't work are false.

I asked you to click the link and see if you could read the RDI stream at
the right of the page and you still don't give me an answer. If if doesn't
work now for you too, then, I suppose we could agree that it most probably
didn't work as provided on the CD.

> It might not work in specific
> instances but that's true of pretty much all the software.

You mean Radio-Canada is a specific instance? Maybe, after years of not
working, the specific instance should be looked after?

Please, check the specific instance.


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