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Re: active network connection stops working...

charles zeitler wrote:
> first, thanks again for your replies.
> Rick, no worries, i was not led astray,
> just having to digest the info a byte at a time...
> Tony, i believe chances are you're right,
> & possibly the problem is at my provider's end...
> Mikkel, my context on /etc/ppp/ip-up matches yours
> & permissions on resolv.conf:
> -rw-r--r--. root root system_u:object_r:net_conf_t:s0  /etc/resolv.conf
> (looks good?)
> so far i haven't been able to reproduce the outage,
> i'm starting to think my software is good, and the issue
> might be bad updates from at&t....
It sure looks that way. The only thing that turned up was an empty
/etc/resolv.conf. I guess it it possible that you got a lease with
blank name server information. I don't know if it would be advisable
to keep the old information in that case...


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