USB-printer sharing

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at
Sun Jul 26 21:08:20 UTC 2009

Hiisi writes:

> Dear Fedora folks!
> I'm trying to setup home server using F11 desktop. The computer has 3 
> Ethernet devices (1 integrated on motherboard and 2 additional in 
> PCI-slots). It's connected to the Internet via eth0 and shares network 
> for Windows laptop on eth1 using NAT. This part works grate. Currently 
> I'm trying to share HP DeskJet-3650 USB printer, connected to the main 
> desktop. I installed and started samba and tuned printer through 
> CUPS-gui at http://localhost:631.

Samba is not required to print from Windows XP client via CUPS.

>                                    Then I installed network printer from 
> laptop's WinXP-gui as http://<F11desktopIP>:631/printers/deskjet-3600 

How did you obtain this URL.

The best way to obtain the URL is to simply open http://server:631/printers

The main page contains a link for all installed printers. Open the link for 
your printer, and the resulting URL is the URL that Windows XP should be 
configured to use.

> There wasn't exactly my printer model, so I choose HP DeskJet driver 

This is very unlikely. HP not shipping a Windows driver for your printer is 
just as likely as me winning the lottery. You most certainly have the 
drivers for your HP printer on a CD. After you've specified the URL when 
setting up the CUPS printer in Windows XP, you'll be asked to select a 
driver. Select the appropriate driver from the CD. The last component of the 
CUPS URL has absolutely nothing to do with the driver name.

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