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Re: Suddenly I can't play audio CDs in F11.

Aaron Konstam wrote:
> The question what program to Bugzilla. I had a feeling it was udev
> problem but it might indeed be a HAL problem.  The confusion is that
> DVDs work and mountable data CDs work but audio CDs don't.
Wat doesn't work is the part that HAL is supposed to do. The CD is
sensed in the drive. The system tries to read it, and gets the usual
error when trying to read an audio CD. Do icon and no program launch
after the audio CD is detected. But you can still access the CD if
you launch a program that reads/plays CDs.

I would be more inclined to suspect udev if nothing happened when
you inserted a data CD or a DVD. But it would not be my first choice
unless the drive was not detected at all.


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