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Re: From the top... how do I get sound working in F11 ?

Bill Davidsen wrote:
> The scary thing is that you don't see anything wrong with this picture,
> seven volume control, mixers, and device selectors, and also two config
> files.
I have always had more then one volume control. The fact that they
control the same device is beside the point. One thing I think you
are overlooking is that if you are using only sound source, you only
need the Alsa mixer. You can leave the PA controls at max. When you
start mixing more then one source through the same output, then you
may have to adjust the input for each source. When you are
outputting to more then one card, you may need to adjust the volume
on each output.

As far as config files, you probably have more then two. I know I
have the Alsa config, the PA config, and config for various players.
Then again, if you want to see complicated, look at all the config
files you need for networking. Or look at all the config files for
Gnome, KDE, or the collection of window managers. Even Posfix has
more then one config file. What would bother me is if they tried to
combine all the config files into one file. Windows uses that
method, and you know what a mess the registry is.


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