Anyone Using Amarok In Fedora 11 With iPod?

Todd Zullinger tmz at
Mon Jul 27 00:40:52 UTC 2009

Robert L Cochran wrote:
> Is anyone using amarok 2.1.1-1 to manage an iPod on  Fedora 11? If
> so, how did you get amarok to recognize the iPod? I can't get
> podsleuth to see my ipod when connected -- it is mounted as a hard
> drive instead, and is not seen as a media player. There is a bug for
> this but I'm not sure how to work around the issue so that amarok
> works:

That bug indicates a problem with podsleuth, which is not used by
amarok for its iPod functions.  Amarok uses libgpod instead.

If the iPod is not being mounted as a media device, that would seem to
be a more generic DeviceKit or HAL bug.  What is it that tells you the
iPod is not recognized as a media device?  I connected a 5th gen Video
iPod to an F-11 test box and it is mounted properly and recognized as
an iPod, based on the icon used to display the device.  (I'm running
Gnome on that box, and it hasn't been updated in a few weeks, FWIW.)

Also, as far as I understand, Amarok 2 has significantly changed the
way media devices like iPod's are handled.  That might be an
additional stumbling block you'll run into.  I don't know much more
than that, as I don't use Amarok myself.

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