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Re: My F!! is slowly coming apart.

On Sun, 26 Jul 2009 16:16:25 -0500, Aaron wrote:

> Things in F11 are commiing apart. We have discussed the audio CD
> problem.
> Now watching you-tube videos are becoming impossible. The video starts
> but at some point the sound disappears (and sometimes the video stops as
> well). Once the audio stops all videos you try to watch have no audio.
> Has anyone noticed this phenomena?
> I suspect thhis is a firerfox-3.5.1-1 problem which was installed on
> July 9.

I'd rather think the problem might be in the kernel update that
touched parts of ALSA. On the other hand, youtube is flash, a separate
package from Adobe.

Can you go back to the previous firefox (+xulrunner for deps) and
double-check? ( https://admin.fedoraproject.org/updates/F11/FEDORA-2009-7216 )

Do you still have the previous kernel in GRUB to select it during boot?

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