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Re: Open SSH client error

> >> I just installed fedora 11 64bit on our server, the problem is I 
> >> cannot connect to other Linux server using "ssh" the error says "ssh: 
> >> connect to host port 22: No route to host". Its strange 
> >> because I already disabled the firewall and the selinux on this server 
> >> and I can connect to that other Linux server using different computer 
> >> and the firewall and selinux on that server is also disabled. Please 
> >> help me.

I would like to see your routing table please.
I assume the ssh route should go out through your default gateway.

Please do "netstat -rn" to see the routing table before you try to 
do ssh so we can see what route the ssh packets are trying to take.

It might not be useful, but I am curious, to see what is in the 
routing table when ssh says no route to host.  Can you, again, do
"netstat -rn" while ssh complains no route to host please.

You may wish to sanitize your IP addresses for security reasons.
I wouldn't want anyone to know there is a Linux server, on the 
Internet, with it's firewall and Selinux disabled.

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