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Re: LMV2 boot from another Volume Group?

On Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 8:40 PM, Tony
Nelson<tonynelson georgeanelson com> wrote:
> I have two hard drives I want to boot from, each with its own LVM2
> Volume Group.  I can boot from the one on the same drive as Grub, but
> not from the other one.  Apparantly, only Logical Volumes from the boot
> drive's Volume Group are detected before / is mounted (something about
> "activation", perhaps?).  Googling only shows how to detect Volume
> Groups and activate Logical Volumes after / is mounted.  I can't find
> any kernel LVM parameters that would affect this (and I'd need the LVM
> stuff built-in to the kernel, not as a module).
> Can Linux use a Volume Group that isn't on Grub's boot volume?
> Must I add a boot partition on the second disk and chainload to it?


Are you saying that you have /boot in a VG and you can boot from it?

Not sure what you mean by "activate". The LVs are treated like any other
partition with its filesystem that it's checked at boot time. There is
no "switch"
to turn LVs on and off, except for the entry in /etc/fstab that looks
for a device
to check and mount according to what you specify.


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