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Re: fedora "consumer satisfaction" statistics

On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 11:28 PM, Antonio Olivares <olivares14031 yahoo com> wrote:


The word blog has been mentioned many times before, has it made a difference?

people have the right to rant/bitch/moan/groan/.../etc

They should have added that to mail name:

instead of

"Community assistance, encouragement, and advice for using Fedora." <fedora-list redhat com>

Have this:

"Community ranting/bitching/moaning/groaning about Fedora." <fedora-list redhat com>

We see many messages that are interesting, and there sometimes is no way that we can help/advice (WE DON"T HAVE THOSE PROBLEMS, pulseaudio works, I can play CD's, WMV play fine, I have mplayer, gnome-mplayer, gecko-mediaplayer, .., etc)

I don't update (except kernels), and believe me here Fedora has dropped the ball on this one(Regular Fedora and *NOT* Rawhide).  I luckily have computers that let most things JUST WORK(TM).

As far as BUGS GO, there are 321 bugs open?


Shows 321 bugs open bugs blocking the Fedora 11 target bug.  What should be done with these bugs?

KDE 4.X has come along nicely, (Thanks to many like Rex and Kevin(yes even though you hate nvdia crap :) ) things have improved and getting better and better.

There are many configurations and customizations that a default installation does not work for everybody and as such people have problems with pulseaudio, rythmbox, ..., etc.  Things were working, but an update or group of updates broke it?  Is it the users fault for applying the updates, NO.  Is the users fault that while applying updates, things break, NO.  People write here for help, and sometimes get it and sometimes they need to write again because people might not know the answer or it is just a trivial solution.

Anyhow, about the statistics, people have suggested a Web SURVEY, the idea has been knocked out several times.  There is also SMOLT and (not everybody might send in their profile, why? because the card is not supported, module is not in kernel, network encrypted/not enabled, modem is a winmodem and needs drivers to connet), etc.

There lies, damn lies and statistics.  What are statistics good for?
I wish I could help everyone get rid of their troubles and make Fedora the best distribution out there, but it is hard to do and that might not be the goal of Fedora after all?  Many people would like for it to be, but it is not and maybe one day things might change, but maybe not?

my $0.02


Dear all,
I will first say that once Fedora 11 is installed and some problems fixed that it is one of the best releases that I have seen so far!!  Nothing like my difficult experience with Fedora 9....  I first started with Redhat 4.1(?) and permenantly switched to Linux with FC2.  Usually releases are a little difficult in the beginning and then stablizing after 2 to 3 months have passed...then when reaching 6 months the process starts over again with the new "latest" release.
I should imagine that the majority of the Fedora users are "reasonabley happy" and are using Fedora to get early releases of the latest software versions  They do understand and accept that the ride will not be completely smooth.  I do believe that the majority of the members of this list are silent (for various personal reasons) and only speak out when they have, to their thinking, a majour problem.  On my early days this list (5+ years ago?) I joined and then attempted contributing.  I was shot down by several list members with regards to email format issues that I then used and was given no help or explanation with their regards to the meaning of their complaints (though I did not recieve any criticism to the content of my messages).  After that I found it simpler to not say anything (not understanding, then, the meaning of the complaints).  
Often, I find, that if I do have a problem then others also should see the same. If I am patient then most times I should soon see another to complain of a similar problem, followed by the "usual replies of "why did you not google "x+y+z" tp solve your problem" or other criticisms of ingnorance and then someone will offer usefull experience and advice to point to the right direction which is "genuinely" useful to those of us experiencing the problem.
When composing this reply to this topic I saw a more recent email about solving the sound issues in Fedora 11 using gst-mixer to reset PCM from 0....  This is a case in point.  For me sound has not worked right in Fedora 10 and then obviously the problem was my PCM channel but no obvious way to see how to fix (but I could live with this) as all else worked well.  I did use the pre-upgrade process to change to Fedora 11 (My DVD burner suddenly stopped recognizing blank DVD media just prior to the release of Fedora 11 so I was unable to burn my DVD ISO that I had downloaded). I had decided to continue to use Fedora 10 for the time being but then was getting messages that a new Fedora version was available from the auto-update applet...so tried this and after several failures did eventually succeed in upgrading (with similar issues to other complaints on this list but it did work after a number of tries).  Of course I had the hold-over sound problem due to some config file setting outside of my experience/knowledge to identify from Fedora 10.  it does seem that some are complaining about Fedora 11 due to attempting to using pre-upgrade but the problem there is not Fedora 11 but in the pre-upgrade program.
I do appologise to thse who will label this as a "blog" style post....I do hope that something here is usefull to the members of this list.
PS:  ...Have now run GST-mixer and my line-in and master-front channels were found to be set to 0 (seems this in the end was an ALSA problem and not pulseaudio as many have suggested here).  Case in point....patience and the "right advice" will be eventually be offered to solve a particular question.  My sound now finally works (after 8 months)!  Here I do have the Intel 7+1 audio setup and my main output channel produced nothing since installing Fedora 10  (It had worked with the pre-release of Fedora 10 but then I found I had a network issue requiring a clean install from the Fedora 10 release DVD to fix.  Only using another output channel I could get any sound but no real volume.)

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