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Re: Fedora lacks obvious support for /usr/share

jack craig wrote:
On 07/26/2009 02:58 PM, Bill Davidsen wrote:
I find no easily location information on actually sharing /usr/share. It was introduced by Sun in SunOS as a filesystem which could be shared between all machines on a given release to save disk space. Disk space is now cheap, but it would be nice to have a common place to put things shared on a site basis.

That's not what it's for anymore. It's for "architecture-independent data" and is supposed to be read-only for mortal users.

Currently I use the /common filesystem for my site local stuff, and I'm thinking that something in the OS would be appropriate to the original concept for /usr/share, not for disk saving but for consistency. Since the stuff there doesn't hurt if there is material present which is not needed, I wonder if I'm missing an obvious tool to take advantage of this.

whats wrong with nfs?

I believe most of the Linux world goes by the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard for the most part. The current version is V2.3 and here's a
link to it:


/usr/share is discussed in section 4.11

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