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Re: [Slightly OT] Re: Ranter or evangelist?

> gilpel altern org wrote:

>> I can't file the bugzilla. If I do, developers will point out all the
>> shenanigans involved in getting from asx to mwv, pretend that it's a
>> Linux
>> users scare away technique used by Microsoft -- and they'd be right
>> about
>> this -- and I'm completely lost in those matters.

> Me thinks you have already "thrown in the towel" and have used the
> "Sarah Palin" excuse.  (Meaning, I have no idea what you are talking
> about.)

Me thinks this common sense looking answer is rather short sighted.

I've tried to use both Totem and Brasero with Fedora and Mandriva,
probably one of Ubuntu, Debian and Mint and NEVER could watch a video at
the SRC, never could burn a single CD. In a word, both have been 3 things
to me: trouble, trouble and more trouble.

Now, while you use this software and Rahul Sundaram even thinks it's
great, you say I should take time filling bugs reports.

If you don't mind, I'll fill bug reports for the software that I use
because I consider it usable. Believe me, with MPlayer and K3B, this
occupation has kept me very quiet... until now.

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