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Re: [Slightly OT] Re: Ranter or evangelist?

gilpel altern org wrote:
>> gilpel altern org wrote:
>>> I can't file the bugzilla. If I do, developers will point out all the
>>> shenanigans involved in getting from asx to mwv, pretend that it's a
>>> Linux
>>> users scare away technique used by Microsoft -- and they'd be right
>>> about
>>> this -- and I'm completely lost in those matters.
>> Me thinks you have already "thrown in the towel" and have used the
>> "Sarah Palin" excuse.  (Meaning, I have no idea what you are talking
>> about.)
> Me thinks this common sense looking answer is rather short sighted.
> I've tried to use both Totem and Brasero with Fedora and Mandriva,
> probably one of Ubuntu, Debian and Mint and NEVER could watch a video at
> the SRC, never could burn a single CD. In a word, both have been 3 things
> to me: trouble, trouble and more trouble.
I am honestly not sure what to make of you.  I don't know if you are
apathetic or just self absorbed.
> Now, while you use this software and Rahul Sundaram even thinks it's
> great, you say I should take time filling bugs reports.
I do not use Totem.  I *never* have.  ***Repeat*** I do not use totem.

I only installed it and tested the web page since I believed that nobody
else had tested it.

So, I installed and tested *only* for *you*.

I *Will Not* make that same mistake again.
> If you don't mind, I'll fill bug reports for the software that I use
> because I consider it usable. Believe me, with MPlayer and K3B, this
> occupation has kept me very quiet... until now.
Then, do the list a favor....  If you find something wrong with
something you *don't* use....keep you fingers off the keyboard.

Quite frankly, I doubt that I will lift a finger to assist if you find
yourself having difficulty with software that you do use.

Good luck....

Asking a working writer what he thinks about critics is like asking a
lamp-post how it feels about dogs. -- Christopher Hampton
Mei-Mei Greshko greshko com http://tw.youtube.com/watch?v=cCSz_koUhSg

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