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Re: fedora "consumer satisfaction" statistics

Quoting Antonio Olivares <olivares14031 yahoo com>:

It has been my experience here that few, very few, people
write in and
say that 'everything is beautiful. Everything works
out-of-the-box. All
is wonderful.  :-)  After all it is a help list
not a praise list.


That's true but Fedora is still a very clean innovative distro that pleases an awful lot of its users, me included. The 20 second boot time is very very nice. I used to have a windows 95 box on a Pentium 75 MHz CPU that booted to a desktop in about 30 seconds and let me start WP7 in about 10 seconds after that. It isn't nostalgia that makes me appreciate F11, it is because it's a good productive system. And I get updated versions of all the most common software with the new release. In fact, on my computer EVERYTHING in F11 works better and faster than in F7. I don't think we need to be MS driven, but this is the exact opposite of the Redmond Way, and gives me more and more out of my hardware at no cost except for my time, which I am happy to spend in the routinely fulfilled expectation that it will be worthwhile.

So that's pretty good.


When addiction becomes commonplace in a society, people become addicted not only to alcohol and drugs, but to a thousand other destructive pursuits: money, power, dysfunctional relationships, or video games. A social perspective on addiction does not deny individual differences in vulnerability to addiction, but it removes them from the foreground of attention, because social determinants are more powerful.

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