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Re: [Slightly OT] Re: Ranter or evangelist?

Frank Murphy wrote:
On 28/07/09 04:51, gilpel altern org wrote:

Then, nobody would have known that Totem doesn't work at Radio-Canada or,
who knows, maybe anytime it has to deal with an .asx file.


As an aside,

the Fluendo bundle
doesn't even work on the Canada site.
and they are licensed codecs, I believe?

Hi all,

I've ben following this discussion since it wsa called "Ranter or Evangelist". There have been good (if misdirected) points made by all. Now, about the CBC/SRC websites, they do have Ombudsmen. For the English service, the ombud is Mr. Vince Carlin, at ombudsman cbc ca The French language service's ombud is at ombudsman radio-canada ca Have fun, gilpel!

-David Chipman

PS: These ombuds may be more for issues related to online/broadcast content, and not technologies involved, but it's something to try!

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