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Re: KDE4 - Add menu to panel

В сообщении от Понедельник 27 июля 2009 18:50:17 автор Alessandro Boggiano 
> Hi all,
> is it possibile to add a menu to the panel ? From the menu (right click
> on the app) I can add only applications; but I'd like to add an entire
> folder (with all submenu items) to the panel.
> In kde 3.5, I was used to ssh to all my office machines  from a folder
> menu in a panel. Now I can't do it!
> Does it means that I have to put in the panel 20 different icons? :(
> Also, I was addicted to middle click in the desktop to have the list to
> all running applications; someone knows if exists something like that  ?
> Thanks
> Alessandro

Have it tested on kde 4.3rc so don't know how it works on 4.2.x, but. It can 
be done with lancelot menu: drag-n-drop menu antry at a place you want to see 
this menu part seperatly and choise something like partial lancelot menu (i 
have localized version so I don't know how it in english). It can be dropped 
at a pannel or on desktop in while it in worktable mode. Looks like nicer than 
folder view one .)


Dmitrij S. Kryzhevich

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