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Re: Problem with Fire Fox

On Tue, 28 Jul 2009 08:25:20 -0600
Wendell Nichols <wcn00 shaw ca> wrote:

> Where did all this top posting facisim come from in the first place?
> It makes it much harder to read hundreds of postings when I have to
> scroll to the bottom of every post so see whats been added!  Mail
> readers display mail from the TOP.  Arggg
> wcn
In a personal conversation where both parties are aware of everything
that has gone before, top posting makes sense, because it skips all the
irrelevant past detail while leaving it available for reference.

On a mail list, where thousands of people read the message, and might
not have seen any foregoing parts of the conversation, top posting does
not make sense.  It is like reading a conversation backward.

Now, bottom or interspersed posting is meant to be combined with
trimming the prior messages so you don't have to do the page down or
hit the end key.  

So, different context, different behavior.  Pretty typical of human
beings in every aspect of their life.

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