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Re: Q about alsamixer:CD

Mikkel L. Ellertson wrote:
Mike Wright wrote:
Hi all,

I too have been struggling with sound but am making some progress.  One
question that remains after years of fedora:

  In the alsamixer applet one of the available input controls available
under preferences is CD.

My CD has *always* been controlled by the PCM input control.  I've
connected the separate cable from the drive to the motherboard with no
effect.  (It seems that the audio cable is useless, too?)

So here's the 50cent question.  Just what does the CD input control?

Inquiring minds want to know ;/

It controls the input labeled on CD on the sound card. This will
only produce output if you have the analog audio cable between the
CD-ROM drive and the sound card. The reason you use the PCM input to
control the CD volume is because the player is getting the data from
the drive over the (S)IDE interface, and feeding the digital data to
the PCM input of the sound card.

Thanks for the reply, Mikkel.

I just tested that setup.  Make sure audio cable is in place; attach kb
volume controls to CD; play CD; test CD volume control on alsamixer; test kb volume controls: no effect.

To make sure I rebooted and checked BIOS controls for sound (none). I guess it's possible the m/b CD input and/or the audio cable is broken.

But at least I've found a viable means of controlling sound so I'm a happy camper now.


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