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Re: Thunderbird-3.0b3 doesn't close cleanly on Fedora 11

John Thompson wrote:
> I just updated to Fedora 11 and got TB-3.0b3 in the package. It works,
> but when I close the program it immediately pegs one of the cpu cores at
> 100% and stays that way until I manually kill the thunderbird process.
> It even does this in "safe-mode" so I don't think it's an extension issue.
> Anyone else see this, or have a fix/work-around?

there have been a lot of post of problems closing firefox on firefox support

most remedies seem to be to close using 'file > quit' instead of using
'x' in upper right corner of window. you might also try <ctrl+q> to see
if that works.

another problem is with 'add-ons' keeping something running, tho opening
in 'safe-mode' should disable them.


peace out.



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