Low X11 resolution with samsung monitor

Stuart McGraw smcg4191 at frii.com
Wed Jul 29 03:19:29 UTC 2009

Hello all, 

I have just installed Fedora 11 on my new computer with
Intel Q33 graphics and could use some help.

When I boot Fedora with my old Samsung 950p CRT 
monitor plugged in, the X11 resolution is something 
reasonably high (at least 1024x760 I think).  But when 
I boot it with my new Samsung 2333SW LCD monitor, 
X runs at 800x600 resolution with no higher resolutions
available the Gnome "Display" applet..

Per some Google results I tried doing "Xorg -configure :1" 
after booting with each monitor but the resulting xorg.conf.new
file are identical.  However, when I use that file (which
has a basically empty Monitor section), I now get 1024x
768.  But I still can't figure out how to get 1280x1024
or best, 1920x1080.

Any idea how I create a xorg.conf file that will display
at my lcd monitor's native 1920x1080 resolution or any-
thing better than 1024x768?

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