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Re: FC11 Freezes at udev on boot

On 07/29/2009 10:39 AM, Tony Nelson wrote:
On 09-07-29 00:28:42, Jatin K wrote:
I've installed fedora FC ( ... after getting

my kernel updated to, now my system freezes at
udev  when booting, before update it was fine !!!

what it could be ?? how do I solve this issue ?

It could be the new kernel.  Try a previous kernel.  Press a key while
Grub is starting during boot (just before the kernel is loaded), and,
when the Grub menu appears, use the up/down arrow keys to select
another kernel, and then press RETURN (or right-arrow) to boot.

I've tried it .. ( old kernel ) but the thing remains same, after that I reinstalled FC11 from DVD, problem was solved.. then again I get the update from fedora ... (I see the icon at panel, telling that new updates are available ), now again I'm facing the same problem !!!! :-( . so I think that there are some update which causes the trouble

thnX &  Regards

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