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Re: OpenOffice stock pictures path

On 07/29/2009 12:24 AM, Joe Smith wrote:
I can't see that it's your fault, or Fedora's. It seems like a bad design to me, to use stock resources in a way that's almost guaranteed to break, but here's the official response:


Yes, "this is a feature and no bug."

I'd say it's worth asking them to take another look, since a routine upgrade will break documents that are otherwise untouched, but in the end it's all rather academic.

Thanks for the bug. Yes, it seems rather odd to even have their numbered directory for their stock items. Do they really plan on letting people have OO.org 2.0 and OO.org 3.0 installed at the same time? What would that gain anyone?

I'll mull it over and create more havoc when I think I'm ready.

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