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Re: Which is the correct way to report a bug ?

On Wednesday 29 July 2009 07:56:04 Alessandro Boggiano wrote:
> I agree!
> And now I'm a little scared because I have to buy a new Dell laptop and
> I have to choose between an Intel or an ATI videocard.
> Looking into testing repositories I haven't seen nothing about intel.

This is a time of flux for video drivers.  It's largely due to the advent of 
KDE4 that made people aware of some huge weaknesses in the old drivers.  It 
used areas of the drivers that had not been used before, so no-one knew that 
they didn't work as they were supposed to.  NVidia, Intel and ATi are all 
actively working on those problems.  There was a long article somewhere on the 
web explaining exactly what the situation was.  Unfortunately I can't find the 
url at the moment.

Basically with either ATi or Intel you may have to fiddle to get the best, for 
the moment, until the current development work is done (by ATi or Intel).  
You'll get some idea of the kind of problems and solutions at 

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