I don't understand CUPS any more

Timothy Murphy gayleard at eircom.net
Wed Jul 29 10:45:59 UTC 2009

Tim Waugh wrote:

>> Now I've disabled the firewall on both machines.
>> The printer was set as sharing on both machines.
> The point is you don't need to set up a printer on the laptop.  If you
> have everything configured right it will appear there automatically.

Thanks for your response.
I know CUPS is meant to see printers on the LAN,
but this has never worked for me.

Incidentally, I tried running Fedora-10 again
on the machine to which the printer is attached
(I kept it on another partition)
and printing worked fine.
The only major difference I could see
is that httpd was running on the printer-machine,
and I gave http as my choice during printer setup on the laptop.
But I assumed this just meant CUPS used the http protocol,
not the httpd server?
Is that right?

>> I'm wondering if I have caused some confusion
>> by install hplip on machine A,
>> and running hp-setup there?
> Best to avoid hp-setup I think.
>> I'm not at all clear of the relation (if any) between hplip and CUPS?
> HPLIP has several parts:
> hplip contains the 'hp' backend for CUPS, for low ink reporting etc

This seems an attractive idea, if it works.
I think I saw an option to clean the print-head, which must be good ...

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