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Re: Streaming video capture problem - SOLVED

David Boles wrote:
> I have a friend that perched herself on a plinth in Trafalgar Square as
> part of a 'live sculpture' project.
> The streaming video is Flash. And the videos are archived can be viewed
> later.
> She want to show this to her mother but her mother has no computer to
> view it with. Nothing that I have tried will capture the video.
> Video located here:  http://www.oneandother.co.uk/participants/Margot
> Any suggestions?

A friend, offline, suggested xvidcap. I had no luck with that as it
seriously crashed my system several times between 10 minutes and 25
minutes into the screen capture. Crashed seriously enough that it took
the reset button to recover.

First the *good* news first.  :-)

A work partner of my son captured this and converted it into a European
format DVD for me.

Now the *bad* news. Problem solved but not with Linux.  :-(


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