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Re: FC11 Freezes at udev on boot

Jatin K wrote:
I've installed fedora FC ( ... after getting update my kernel updated to, now my system freezes at udev when booting, before update it was fine !!!

what it could be ?? how do I solve this issue ?


Jatin Khatri

There may be another issue as well: Entropy.

The kernel needs to be able to randomize some things. The method used to gather some entropy is not always perfect. There are some odd mother boards out there that load memory a bit differently.

The bottom line is, its possible to generate entropy during boot.

One of my systems, a Clevo laptop OEM from Sager, takes up to 20 minutes to boot. However, if I run my finger over the touch pad during the entire boot process, it takes 17 seconds!

It is also possible to press the space key about once a second and achieve the same effect.

After the system is booted, entropy is more plentiful and things seem to work well.
Good Luck!

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