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Re: Sound is gone

On Wednesday 29 July 2009 18:32:52 jack craig wrote:
> On 07/29/2009 10:17 AM, Antonio M wrote:
> > after latest updates, any sound application when palys streams from
> > the net crashes after a short time.
> > No idea what is causing such a problem
> explore recent threads, look at your /var/log/messages and see if our
> recent discovery is also your problem?
> i have a work around if you are getting alsa bug reports in your
> messages file.
> hth, jackc...

How about a clue, Jack?  So much hokum has been talked that I've been skipping 
the sound threads, particularly as everything else plays correctly.  I thought 
or a moment that I was going to get a whole track played (my problem is in 
amarok, but exactly the same as the rhythmbox one).  This is what happened:

Jul 29 18:45:33 anne-laptop pulseaudio[26616]: ratelimit.c: 7106 events 
Jul 29 18:45:33 anne-laptop pulseaudio[26616]: alsa-sink.c: Increasing minimal 
latency to 56.00 ms
Jul 29 18:48:26 anne-laptop pulseaudio[26616]: alsa-sink.c: Increasing wakeup 
watermark to 46.00 ms
Jul 29 18:48:31 anne-laptop pulseaudio[26616]: ratelimit.c: 6194 events 
Jul 29 18:48:36 anne-laptop pulseaudio[26616]: ratelimit.c: 6014 events 
Jul 29 18:48:38 anne-laptop kernel: kio_thumbnail[808]: segfault at 1320 ip 
00a4f1de sp bfa0848c error 4 in libgcc_s-4.4.0-20090506.so.1[a2e000+2a000]

The moment of the 'Increasing wakeup watermark' message is when it started to 
race and crackle.

Is this what you were expecting to see?  I so, what's the workaround?

Just out of curiosity, I'll do the same experiment while playing it in 
kaffeine, as I have never seen it happen there.  It will be interesting to see 
whether the same messages appear.

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