Thunderbird-3.0b3 doesn't close cleanly on Fedora 11

Anne Wilson annew at
Wed Jul 29 18:53:17 UTC 2009

On Wednesday 29 July 2009 19:18:48 John Thompson wrote:
> Anne Wilson wrote:
> >>> Even stranger.  This laptop and that netbook run
> >>> thunderbird-3.0-2.3.beta2.fc11.i586 yet the problem doesn't occur on
> >>> this laptop.
> >>
> >> I *think* I may have tracked down the problem, at least on my system.
> >> I'm using F11-x86_64 and it appears nspluginwrapper hasn't properly
> >> wrapped any of my 32-bit plugins. In any case, I used the "Config
> >> Editor" to toggle "application.use_ns_plugin_finder" to "false" and it
> >> appears to have fixed things. Is your netbook running 64-bit Fedora?
> >
> > No, it's not.  When you say 'Config Editor' do you mean Firefox's
> > About:Config or something else?  It would be interesting to see whether
> > there is a similar setting there.
> Yes, firefox has a similar setting, accessible from "about:config"  In
> Thunderbird, you access the configuration through
> "Edit...Preferences...Advanced" select the "General" tab and click the
> "Config Editor" button.
> You might want to try it even on your 32-bit system; it's easy enough to
> change back if it doesn't help.

Well, it was worth checking, but it's already set to false.  I wonder if it 
always was, but it's not bolded, so it's not been changed by me.  Whatever the 
problem was it seems to be solved on my system, so I'll leave well alone.

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