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Re: Sound is gone

On Wed, 29 Jul 2009 19:25:11 +0200, Antonio wrote:

> > ant the problem is arising also playing mp3 stream from my hard disk!!!!
> > Latest updates are:

So, you can rule out the recent kernel update?

Or to ask differently, since your list of updates does not contain
a kernel, you are 100% sure the culprit is one of the listed updates?

> > Jul 28 17:25:52 Updated: freetype.i586 2.3.9-5.fc11
> > Jul 28 17:25:55 Updated: pango.i586 1.24.5-1.fc11
> > Jul 28 17:25:56 Updated: bluez-libs.i586 4.42-1.fc11
> > Jul 28 17:26:08 Updated: ruby-libs.i586
> > Jul 28 17:26:12 Updated: ruby.i586
> > Jul 28 17:26:35 Updated: rhythmbox.i586 0.12.3-1.fc11

Is rhythmbox the music player you refer to?

What happens if you downgrade? For example, to the original one from
Fedora 11 or a different one found within koji web? It's not many
updates that are related to audio.

> > Jul 28 17:27:02 Updated: gstreamer-plugins-good.i586 0.10.15-4.fc11

> when I play a Mp3 file, Rhythmbox starts at the right speed and then
> it starts very fast playing....what is going on??? who is causing this
> mess??? and this is not rawhide :-(

All I know is that the kernel- has touched ALSA,
and while it has improved ALSA for some of us, it may have a bad
impact on other users. Who knows?

Instead of moaning about the regression you see, try a few older
packages to find out. At least the previous kernel ought to be
a very quick test for you.

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