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Re: Huawei E1692 is not recognized

antonio montagnani ha scritto / said the following il giorno/on 29/07/2009 15:45:
Rick Jones ha scritto / said the following  il giorno/on 29/07/2009 14:52:
--On Wednesday, July 29, 2009 12:01:32 +0200 antonio montagnani
<antonio montagnani alice it> wrote:
> Tnx to show me the right direction...
> Need some additional help: when I issue:
> usb_modeswitch
> .....
> I added the following lines to the the conf file
> # Huawei E1692
> DefaultVendor= 0x12d1
> DefaultProduct= 0x1446
> TargetVendor= 0x12d1
> TargetProduct= 0x140c

> CheckSuccess=5
> Where is my mistake???

Before you run usb_modeswitch, does the device show up as a CD drive or
storage device?

If so then ejecting or unmounting should also switch it into modem mode.

If it doesn't show up, then do you get anything in lsusb at this stage?
It should be listed as 12d1:1446. If you don't see it in lsusb before
doing anything to it, then it's just not working at all. Maybe try
another USB port.

HTH, Rick


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latest updates are that after adding lines to usb_modeswitch.conf file,
dongle is recognized, and I can create a connection, but....such a
conncetion doesn't show up in available connections in the applet (I
guess that it should be below the wireless connection...) therefore I
can start it only if I use the automatic connection option...
No way of selecting available to all users connection
tnx for help
I have same problem also when I set up an ADSL connection: it doesn't show up and cannot be made available to all users..any help???

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