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Re: Dialup from a fedora machine

Stuart McGraw wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am having a bit of an emergency.  I just lost
> my regular medium speed internet connection and
> am going to need to use dialup until I can buy
> some replacement equipment.
> So I am trying to setup ppp/dialup (anyone remember
> that? :-) on my Fedora 11 machine (something I did
> years ago in FC4 days).  I have a USR-5610B modem
> in a pci slot.  But Fedora seems not to notice it --
> when I reboot Anaconda fails to notice any new device
> and I see no /dev/modem.
> Not sure what to check.  I think the modem is ok as
> I have two of them and the same problem with both.
> AFAIK, the modem is real modem, not one of those
> Win-modem things.
> Is there anything special I need to do to make Fedora
> aware of this thing?
Believe it or not, network manager can create a dialup connection.
The big thing is specifying the correct modem device. (After making
sure the modem works in Linux...) Before you can create a dialup
connection, you have to add your modem to the hardware list.

I am not running F11 on this machine, so if you need specific
instructions, let me know and I will fire up the laptop.


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