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Re: Dialup from a fedora machine

Stuart McGraw wrote:
> I tried wvdialconf but it says, "sorry, no modem found.  Is it
> in use by another program?  Did you configure it properly with
> setserial?"  Not sure what that last bit means but I think
> setserial needs a serial device to configure and it is that
> device that I seem to be missing.
> NetworkManager too wants a device to talk to, with /dev/modem
> being the default but since there is no such device (nor anything
> I see that looks like it would be an emulated serial device that
> talks to the pci modem card), I wasn't able to do much with that.
> I found a USR support page which lists Linux as a usable OS
> and a rpm which looks a little small to be a driver but I'll
> see.
/dev/modem is the default, and is a symlink to the "real" modem
device. Don't be surprised if the device turns out to be somethings
strange. On my laptop, the modem ends up being something like
/dev/ttySL0, and the symlink was not created for me.

Depending on the modem, you may find this site helpful.


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