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Re: Dialup from a fedora machine

Patrick wrote:
Stuart McGraw wrote:
So I am trying to setup ppp/dialup (anyone remember
that? :-) on my Fedora 11 machine (something I did
years ago in FC4 days).  I have a USR-5610B modem
in a pci slot.  But Fedora seems not to notice it --
when I reboot Anaconda fails to notice any new device
and I see no /dev/modem.

You can go to:

They have an RPM for Linux. You can also download a PDF file of the installation guide which addresses Linux installations (also has some troubleshooting information as well).

Thanks!  I'd found the rpm, but not the pdf.  I'll go
grab that too.  After installing it, /dev/ttyS[0-3] and
/dev/modem magically appeared.  I ran NetworkManager
and, set up a new dialup connection (it appears to use wvdial) clicked "activate", and here I am! Couldn't
have been easier.

Thanks Fedora! (and also USR for providing Linux
upport).  And thanks too everyone who responded
to my question.  Gotta go get the firewall going

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