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Re: Fedora 11 lm_sensors on ASUS MB solved

On Wednesday 29 July 2009, Tony Nelson wrote:
>In F9, lm_sensors worked, but in F11, it said "no sensors detected".
>Eventually I found
>which showed that the lm_sensors developers had broken lm_sensors on
>purpose for (all?) ASUS motherboards, with an unfinished "improvement".
That sucks, and explains why I get the not written yet messages for a 
motherboard I paid almost $300 USD for.

>To get lm_sensors working again, add the following to the Grub kernel
>boot line:
>    acpi_enforce_resources=lax

I'll give this a try, but if the drivers aren't going to be written, ever, 
whats the use?  Is ASUS being difficult?, I've read hints of their kowtowing 
to the wannabe king in Redmond, and going out of their way to make life 
difficult for linux in general.

>This returns ACPI enforcement to it's previous unchecked state, which
>is still used for all other motherboard manufacturers, according to the
>thread linked above.
>Also ensure that the needed modules are loaded, which may require the
>new syntax in /etc/sysconfig/lm_sensors.

Link plz. :)

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Cheers, Gene
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