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Re: no hardware acceleration?

On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 11:45 PM, john wendel<jwendel10 comcast net> wrote:

> Not true. Software rendering refers to the display of 3D objects in OpenGL.
>  Unless you have a very strange setup, mplayer won't be using OpenGL to
> display video data.

Not strange at all, actually mplayer can use OpenGL.
# mplayer -vo gl

I think mplayer will go through available output drivers till it finds
one available.  So in some cases opengl output may occur.  Although if
you installed properly from RPMFusion/Livna I don't think should

> I've got a box with a geforce 5200 LE, and it displays video just fine if I
> use the "evil" Nvidia driver. The "nouveau" driver (which you probably have)
> isn't quite ready for prime time.

As I recall the "nouveau" driver was not shipped as default in Fedora
9, which I think the OP is using.

I found nouveau pretty functional for 2D without any problems in
F11-64 on my Geforce 5200.

Mauriat Miranda

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