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Re: Playing Cinema DVDs problem

On Thursday 30 July 2009 22:24:30 gilpel altern org wrote:
> Thanks to your instructions, I could watch the movie, starting it from the
> command line.

Glad it worked. :-)

> What I don't understand is why it works from the command
> line and not from the interface. After all, all the interface does is send
> commands to mplayer:
> If I get this right, it might be a bug... which I might report, since I
> use SMPlayer.

I really wouldn't know, I never use any GUI for mplayer. I have tried several 
GUIs some time ago (when I started using mplayer), but at that time they were 
all so poorly written and full of bugs that I immediately gave up. Now they 
are probably much better, but I got used to command line, so I stuck to it.

If you think this is a bug (and it probably is), it would be worthwhile to 
report it against SMPlayer. When they fix it, everyone's GUI experience will 
improve, and that is a Good Thing. ;-)

> It's not that starting the video from the command line is so obtrusive --
> it could even be done with a shell script -- but I would luv to show a
> Maccie friend of mine how well Linux works and I just can't imagine myself
> starting a video from the command line :)

That depends to whom you are showing it. Once I was able to convert a hard 
core Windows-Media-Player-lover to using mplayer --- I installed mplayer and 
created a shortcut to a script that would execute

mplayer movie.avi -v

in a terminal. The guy was not impressed by playing the movie, but by the 
wealth of data written to the terminal window! No other player gives so much 
side information during playback (AFAIK), and for my friend this was mind-
boggling. In his own words, "this looks like a player that knows exactly what 
it is doing, and does it very well." The Linux mantra right out of the mouth 
of a Windows user! ;-) He eventually switched to mplayer, and occasionally 
even uses Linux when he finds it more useful than Windows.

Of course, taste is not to be debated. :-) Maybe it would be a good idea to  
show your friend both the GUI way and the command line way, who knows...
Btw, Mac users can also install mplayer, don't be surprised if he is already 
using it!

Best, :-)

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