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Re: F11 installation w/o journaling fs

On 07/30/2009 01:03 PM, Andras Simon wrote:
I'm trying to install F11 on a first generation eeepc. The usual
way (live-cd via a pendrive) doesn't work now unless the root fs
is ext4. I'd like to avoid a journaling fs, because this thing
has an ssd (and a fairly small one at that). Is a network install
my only option?  Or can I switch off journaling in ext4
completely, so it becomes as ssd-friendly as ext2 is?


A quick
googling tells me that even mounting an ext4 fs with
data=writeback mode, it does metadata journaling. I don't know
how much stress (and space) that is on an ssd.

I installed on an Eee 1000 by using the livecd-tools to copy boot.iso to a pendrive, boot from that, and then do an NFS install. I've also had success copying the DVD ISO to a pen drive that way. To do this, install livecd-tools, then look at livecd-iso-to-disk.


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