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Re: TV tuner, sound etc. -- what does this mean?

On Thu, 30 Jul 2009 21:52:00 -0400, William wrote:

> Mplayer gives me sound from both my DVD/CD drive (which RhythmBox fails
> to do) and video1 for tv (which tvtime fails to do).

It's not accurate to say "tvtime fails", because it doesn't even try to do
what you think it does [apparently]. The implementation in tvtime is
from 2005 and can only enable an analogue audio input channel.

To see how you continue to mention "no sound" with regard to tvtime get's
boring. Honestly. tvtime alone _cannot_ give you sound with your choice of
hardware. Your only tv audio source is the mpeg stream.

tvtime + mplayer combined is a hack, a poor solution that seems to
work for a few people. Nobody claims it would be the only solution.

Perhaps one can kick tvtime and use more of mplayer's
tv:// options to choose channels, provided that one looks into
creating a channel list for mplayer.

> When using mplayer without pulseaudio, just with ALSA, mplayer does not
> recognize the 'Line-in' control on gMixer or alsamixer for either CD or
> TV.  Volume and mute only work with 'Master', 'PCM' and 'Front' in
> mplayer.  I can mute or completely remove 'Line-in' from gMixer without
> any effect on sound output.

Could be because a player typically is interested in output channels
only. Unless it's some versatile piece of software that can record, too,
or mix multiple audio sources.

> The commands I have used to get sound are:
> ]$ mplayer cdda://1 
> and/or,
> ]$ mplayer /dev/video1

mplayer reads CDs digitally (the same technique like "ripping" them)
whereas several other music players only let the CD drive itself play
tracks on the CD. For the latter you also need a cable between CD drive
and audio hardware. The former involves sending samples to your audio
output DAC.

> > > the next obvious control choice I have in alsa is 'PCM'
> > 
> > Why? This is the "sample output volume". Unlike music players,
> > tvtime doesn't output any samples.
> Yes I realize that PCM controls the "sample output volume", yet every
> source of sound I try, PCM seems to play one of the controlling roles.

You don't use your analogue input devices, and hence your activity
concentrates on digital playback of samples. 

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