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Re: TV tuner, sound etc. -- what does this mean?

Hi Michael;

On Fri, 2009-07-31 at 07:54 +0200, Michael Schwendt wrote:
> On Thu, 30 Jul 2009 21:52:00 -0400, William wrote:
> > Mplayer gives me sound from both my DVD/CD drive (which RhythmBox fails
> > to do) and video1 for tv (which tvtime fails to do).
> It's not accurate to say "tvtime fails", because it doesn't even try to do
> what you think it does [apparently]. The implementation in tvtime is
> from 2005 and can only enable an analogue audio input channel.

I have understood from the first time that you told me that tvtime does
not mix sound  -- except for the simplest kind of volume control; that
ALSA is, or should be supplying the mixing.

However, from a descriptive perspective, when I launch tvtime I get no
sound.  I don't think anybody on "God's Green Earth" would misunderstand
what I am saying. What words would you suggest I choose to express that

Getting mplayer working as a replacement for tvtime is not the point of
this exercise.  There is something clearly wrong with some drivers that
are related to ALSA.  My system's sound chips are not terribly unique.
The whole world is going to the PCIe bus.  Having a tuner that includes
both analogue and digital is not something that should be difficult to
overcome.  As you point out, analogue is not being used.  As you have
also pointed out, this is not about tvtime but about enabling one of the
under lying chips or drivers.

Perhaps you can suggest another program that should be using alsa's
analog sound capability (or lack of that capability) and I will try to
get that going.

Regards Bill
Fedora 11, Gnome 2.26.3
Evo.2.26.3, Emacs 22.3.1

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