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pulseaudio - WOW

Hi all,

I'd like to share a positive experience with sound on f10.

I'd had issues with the mute button not working (turns out it was, it was just muting a different channel than the one I was listening to). Once I learned about the different mixers and volume controls it has "just worked" for me.

I'm listening to a CD right now and get a popup when each song begins that shows the album cover, name and song title. Very nice surprise.

I enjoy international music so I've been using VLC to explore the shoutcast feeds and once I find a keeper I add it to Rhythmbox. I tried to play one of the stations and got another popup advising me that I was missing a particular codec and would I like it to try to find it for me. Feeling brave I agreed. That's when I had my WOW moment.

It went exploring and installed some files from a "bad" repository, some others for dependencies. When all was said and done it had not only installed the missing codec but also quicktime and midi software with the midi "font" library.

A quick restart of Rhythmbox and everything just works. I can actually listen to VLC, Rhythmbox, and the CD player, all at the same time. I was actually listening to the same shoutcast on the two different players, with a slight delay between them for a music in-the-round experience. Fun stuff.

Having lived with marginal audio experiences on Linux for the last decade or so this is nothing short of amazing.

Kudos to all involved.  Great work.

For those of you still having problems I feel for you but be confident. I have heard the future and it sounds great!

Mike Wright

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