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Re: Conf File Backup Idea

Thom Paine wrote:
> I was wondering if anyone routinely backups their conf files? I am
> trying to figure out a way to just backup any of the conf files I
> regularly use so that I can rsync them to an offsite server
> somewhere.
> I'm not looking to do a full server backup, as that isn't really my
> intention. I'm looking at things like dhcpd.conf, httpd.conf, bind,
> that sort of thing, so that I can quickly roll out a new server
> based on the old one.

If you want that, puppet is your best friend.  Combine that with
cobbler and you can provision and rollout staggering numbers of
identically configured boxes with a few keystrokes.

> Where I am going with this, is that I am anticipating replacing some
> hard drives in a server of mine with some larger ones. Also I almost
> lost a whole server worth of stuff (it is very aged and nothing
> mission critical) but that got me to thinking if I had a program or
> some sort of a way to add files I've edited to a list that get rsynced
> somewhere, that would be something I am very interested in.
> Even if I just make a directory and make a symbolic link to it, would
> that work? Expanding on this would let me backup a weeks worth of
> versions in the event I don't like a change I made to one file.
> Anyways, just looking for some ideas here on this.

I happen to really like version control for things like this.  That
way I can see who made changes, when they made them, and why they made
them.  I can also restore any previous version, so it makes a good
backup mechanism as well.  I prefer to use git these days.  I also use
puppet, so I just version control my puppet configuration which is
where all of my system configuration files are stored.

There's also a nice tool called etckeeper┬╣ that is designed to help
version control /etc automatically.  It can integrate with apt, yum,
and some other package managers to update things automagically when a
package updates a config file even.  I've not used this myself, but
it seems like a pretty handy tool, especially if you don't want to
spend time learning to use puppet. :)

It doesn't appear to be packaged for Fedora yet, unfortunately.  So to
use it you'd have to create your own package or install it from

┬╣ http://kitenet.net/~joey/code/etckeeper/

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