Camera/F-spot problems

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Fri Jul 31 19:13:45 UTC 2009

Steve Blackwell wrote:
> It's been a while and several versions of Fedora since I tried this
> but F-spot used to start automatically when I plugged my camera in to
> a USB port. Now it doesn't but I see the appropriate USB messages in the
> system log that show the device is recognized correctly.
> What does happen is that after a minute or so I see a camera icon appear
> on the desktop and I can click on the icon and a Nautilus window opens
> with a message at the top saying this media contains digital photos and
> a button that says "Open F-spot Photo Manager". F-spot does not open
> when I click on this button and there are no system messages.
> I can open F-spot manually from the Applications menu but it does not
> know that a camera is attached to the computer and I don't see a way to
> tell it where to find the camera.
> In the end this is just inconvenient because I can get to the picture
> through the Nautilus window but does anyone else have similar problems
> and/or any solutions?
You can go into System --> Preferences --> Personal --> File
Management and pick the Media tab. You can set what happens when
different types of media are inserted. I suspect yours is set to do
nothing for Photos. (Users of F11 have a different menu path.)


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