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Re: Fedora & XP on same machine, good bad or ugly

Peter Langfelder wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 30, 2009 at 5:32 PM, Steven Kemp <SKemp010 roadrunner com> wrote:
>> Good Idea? on different hard drives. XP home installed now.
>> Good, Bad or ugly? Recommendations.
>> Steve
> I have Win XP  and F10 installed on the same HDD on a Lenovo T60
> laptop. No problems, but then I don't think I used the XP a single
> time since installing Fedora. To my knowledge the only issue is
> setting the hardware clock - when you install fedora, you choose a
> particular way of setting the clock so it doesn't clash with the one
> XP uses.
> HTH,
> Peter
I have much the same setup on my Toshiba A105-S4004, except I
patched the Windows registry for the hardware clock being in UTC. I
don't have the registry patch handy, but I can post it again if you
need it.


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