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Re: "Blinking lights of death" ? Netgear Switch GS108

g wrote:
Robert L Cochran wrote:
On 04/30/2009 02:47 PM, Aldo Foot wrote:
The unit has a blown capacitor, bulged and brown matter around it. Also there is
You probably have Chinese- or Taiwanese-manufactured capacitors in that unit, which are not as reliable as Japanese-manufactured capacitors. If you search the net you will find lists of known-unreliable capacitor manufacturers.

robert, aldo,

if you run a google search for 'bad caps' or 'bad capacitors', you will find
a large hit score.

most of hits will relate to a stolen recipe for capacitors that was missing
all ingredients.

it is primarily in asian countries and mainly lower level companies.

this hit mainly with mainboards and power supplies, along with other hardware
that use low cost capacitors.

this problems has pretty well ended, but when you make repair, do use a high
quality brand. radio shack does not fall with in high quality definition.

order from a local supplier, or a well know catalog supplier. small adds in
back of electronic magazines do not qualify.

also, be sure you check diodes as caps are known to take them out also.

when you clean board, be sure you get all of crud off board and hope that
no hidden corrosion has started.

yes. i am a 'hardware head' and i have seen this problem, even with an abit
mainboard of my own.

much luck.

I just had a Dell computer fail due to capacitor issues.

I use DigiKey for my parts as they are fast and reasonable. They don't carry all types of parts though.

As for spending the money and time to fix a low cost switch is not worth it except for experience.

Search the net for electronic tutorials. There are many. Also look in the second hand stores for home electronic kits. I found one for my daughter that uses springs to join the wires. Teaches basic electronics without all the hassle of getting parts.

There are simulator circuits available and they are getting easier to use. Fedora 11 will have a software group for electronics. :)

I purchased a Nerdkit for learning about microcontrollers. Not a bad investment.

Robin Laing

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