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Re: "Blinking lights of death" ? Netgear Switch GS108

On Fri, May 1, 2009 at 9:33 AM, Robin Laing <Robin Laing drdc-rddc gc ca> wrote:
> As for spending the money and time to fix a low cost switch is not worth it
> except for experience.

I agree. I'd do it more for the sake of being green and not waste 90% of the

I learned that small units like the one I have will eventually die. It's just a
matter of time. It appears to be specially true if all the ports are
used 24/7, which is my case. High transfer rates create heat, which causes
the caps to blow. Who knows, maybe they are made to be that way, so we
keep the manufacturers in business... keep buying switches.

> There are simulator circuits available and they are getting easier to use.
>  Fedora 11 will have a software group for electronics.  :)

That will be interesting. I have a friend or two who will find that useful.

> I purchased a Nerdkit for learning about microcontrollers.  Not a bad
> investment.

Looks like a great toy to use for learning. I'll go to Frys to see
what they have.

thanks everyone for the great ideas.

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