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Re: [OT] electronic books. was; Re: "Blinking lights of death" ? Netgear Switch GS108

Aldo Foot wrote:

> Man... you guys actually saw the birth of computers. It's like having been
> present at moment of the Big Bang.

it was. i started reading with 4004 oem manual.

i still get a bang out of playing with them. i say 'play' because i enjoy
what i do and it is no way near what i call work.

> I can only imagine you blowing up light bulbs in the garage. :-)

light bulbs, hell. if you want some fun, throw rocks a a picture tube dud
from an old tv. :)

when ic's came along, fun was taking an ic that had gone bad for what ever
reason and throw 50v on it's power input. blows package right off. :)


peace out.



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