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Re: "Blinking lights of death" ? Netgear Switch GS108

Tim wrote:

> Just because it's not a mainframe doesn't mean that it doesn't need
> special computer airconditioning to keep it cool...

you got that right.

first thing i add to my own and clients' computers is at least 1 extra fan.

i even remove power supply and remount fan to draw air out instead of in.

i have not tried liquid cooling yet, but when i get a dual amd, i will go
liquid all the way.

box i am on now has 1 4" in lower front, 1 3" fan center of rear drawing in
to exhaust thru ps unit, standard vents and floppy and tape decks.

exhaust temp is seldom over 85f near bottom and 90f at top.

sensors is showing m/b 44c and cpu 30c.

current ambient is 80f.


peace out.



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